Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, grad or a student in one of our classes, everyone always has questions. We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions for you here!

1. How long will my makeup last?

We ensure our products are of the highest quality we can possibly get. With great quality comes excellent lasting power. Your makeup will stay on until you take it off at the end of the night!

2. Do the artists apply false lashes?

Each artist is trained to apply and fit lashes perfectly to each face, if the client so chooses. We supply the lashes for you as well.

3. Should I exfoliate before I get my makeup done?

You should be exfoliating weekly no matter what! But try to exfoliate two days prior to your appt, to ensure your makeup application is as flawless as possible!

4. How can I pay for my services I’ve booked?

Blush Artistry accepts: cash, cheque, all major credit cards and email money transfers.

5. How long does an appt take?

The makeup application itself will take around 45 minutes, so expect the total time of the appointment to take an hour start to finish.

6. Can I book a makeup lesson for just my friends and I?

It is very common for clients to reserve the studio for private group lessons.

7. Do the artists travel to each location?

We are mobile throughout the city/province – Alberta Wide & Vancouver Island

8. Is there an extra cost for travelling outside the city?

Because of the travel time, cost and potential cost of hospitality, prices will vary depending on the booking. Please contact us directly!

9. Can the artists use my makeup I supply?

We’d prefer it if we used our own makeup, for many reasons as you can imagine! But if you have allergies or are more comfortable using your own products we can accommodate that.

Need a quote or expert advice?

If you need a quote on your next service, feel free to contact us and we’d be glad to help.

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