In her mid teens Coral was always intrigued by hair and makeup and was often found in front of the mirror trying to replicate styles from beauty magazines. This quickly changed to experimenting with her friends hair and having a lineup of girls whenever there was a school event or dance. Little did she know that this “just for fun” hobby would turn into a career that has spanned 16yrs and still going strong.

Coral graduated from Est-Elle Academy in 2002. She has continued to expand her education over the years by taking classes with top stylists from around the world, always looking for ways to improve her craft. She also had the amazing opportunity to work with world renowned stylists and receive extensive training in styling during her 5 years as an educator for Kevin Murphy.Coral has always believed hairstyling is more than just painting and pushing hair around. It can instill confidence, heal a broken heart, turn back the clock and make a person feel invincible. Her passion for her clients and industry has never been stronger and she excited to be part of the Blush Artistry family.

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