Sexy in a Sweater

In home boudoir and couple sessions seem to be all the rage right now. And for good reason – they are so damn sexy. But the best part about these super popular photography sessions is the subject stays comfortable. Whether it be a comfy knit sweater, some blankets and boy shorts…whatever it is, it’s working. But, let’s not forget that just because we are at home, doesn’t mean we don’t need to be camera ready. Here are some tips from the Blush Artistry Babes, on how to make the most out of your ‘stay at home and pretend this is a regular Sunday’ photoshoot.

Photography by: Karly Ford

First and foremost, let me say that I always head over to a fan favourite Pinterest and scope some photography styles, lighting and poses to help a girl out before a shoot like this. Have some cute coffee mugs, throw pillows and blankets ready and waiting.

Outfits. When I did my shoot with Jill Coursen Photography, I borrowed every gigantic sweater I could find and purchased a couple things from Sweet Jolie Boutique. I bought high socks and the comfiest sweater in the world. I never in a million years imagined that I’d feel as beautiful in a plain grey bra, a borrowed knit sweater and high socks. So easy it’s a bit painful! I have never loved photos of myself, more. And I think the reason for that is they are so natural. When choosing your outfits, try EVERYTHING on a bunch of times so you know going in, exactly what you want. You’ll save time with outfit changes and get more shooting time. Pastels and neutrals are always winners when it comes to soft shoots like these so keep this in mind for your undies too! I also recommend looser, longer sweaters. I find depending on the body shape and type, a chunkier knit sweater can potentially make you look a bit bigger than you are. Unless you’re a size zero, then have at er, friend.

Photography by: Jill Coursen

Hair and Makeup. I mean, I know I’m biased and see the value in these services… However! I always leave things to the professionals, especially if I’m paying another professional to take photos of me. The Blush babes have you covered. We know you don’t want to look like you’re about to hit the club. You want to have that effortless, tousled ‘I just woke up for real’ look. Loose slept in curls and a fresh face is where it’s at for these shoots. Because let’s remember, this isn’t your everyday boudoir shoot with dark lighting and strappy lingerie. We want glowing skin, messy hair (but not too messy that it gets frizzy) and that real life sexy we are seeing everywhere. Skip the dark shadows and lipsticks, long lashes and structured styles. Go for the more relaxed and lived in look. You will not regret it. The ‘no makeup, makeup’ look, if you will.

Photography by: Jill Coursen

Skin. Exfoliate and moisturize ladies! Your legs and arms are going to be all over your photos and they must look good. If you are into spray tans, go for it. BUT! Do not tan any more than three days before your shoot and make sure that tan has been rid of your hands, feet, elbows etc. Lemon juice works wonders for this. Use it on your hands and anywhere else you need to get rid of colour. You will quickly become a photographers worst nightmare having to edit that out. I might or might not be speaking from personal experience here.

Photography by: Brz Photography

Have fun with this shoot!! What makes these shoots so popular is that people can actually picture themselves doing them. A traditional boudoir session where you’re half naked and constantly sucking in your stomach isn’t always the most attractive thing for us to do, is it? Be comfy. Be happy and just be you. At the end of the day, whatever your motivation for these photos are – remember that this is documenting a time of your life. This is where you are today. Smile, have fun and book your hair and makeup at Blush Artistry first and foremost!

Love, Heather.

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