Holiday Party Looks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all love a good holiday party – office, friends, family… In fact, there can be so many parties that you run out of looks for each of them! We’re here to give you some advice on some holiday hair and make-up for your Christmas gatherings.

Formal Occasions:

Go with a vintage Hollywood glam look! Soft curls, dark lips, and long lashes. They do call it a classic for a reason! This look will always give you and air of class. If wearing your hair down is not an option, or your party is on the extreme end of formal, a loose chignon is also a great hair option. Curl any hairs hanging lower, just to add some volume.

Go with golds, bronzes, neutral tones for eye makeup. Especially if you are going for the Hollywood-glam look, you do not want to have an overwhelming eye with a bold lip. If you are into a smoky-eye look, avoid dark blacks and blues, and go with browns and highlight with some bronzes. You can still get a smoky effect, but with less drama!

More casual:

Even the term “casual” means something a little different at Christmastime. Often, holiday-casual is dressier than every-day casual. Over the holidays, everyone seems to not only get in the Christmas spirit, but the fancy spirit too! Who can blame them? Pretty lights, gorgeous snow everywhere, glitter is a staple almost everywhere you look, and great, uplifting music and movies galore!

For a more casual outing, we suggest going for a natural look with some waves or curls in the hair. Even just a small bit here and there could do the trick – nothing crazy, just something a little different for the holidays. As far as make-up goes, again go with a natural look. Soft eyes, a pinker blush (not that you need it with the cold making your cheeks pink!), and a warmer lip colour – berries or reds are always a safe bet!

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