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Baby, it’s cold outside! With the cold temperatures often comes dry air. And, with that dry air, our skin can seriously suffer. No one wants the dry skin that the winter months bring, so we need to find ways to combat it!

First thing’s first: you need to find a facial cleanser that meets your needs. If you are just washing with anything you randomly grabbed off the shelf, you are probably doing yourself a disservice. Check the labels of your skin products: is your facial cleanser for dry skin when you tend to have oily skin? You are not helping yourself here! Make sure you are using the best product for you!

Next, stay hydrated. Turns out hydration helps with a million things in your body (duh), so staying hydrated won’t only help your skin, but your metabolism, hair growth, nail growth, and general health! Drinking lots of water can keep your skin plump and firm, and also prevents your skin from getting too dry. Sometimes if you use products incorrectly, it can have negative effects on your skin, but since you can never really have too much water, you never have to be worried about “overusing” or becoming over-hydrated!

Finally, find a good day and night moisturizer for your face, and a good body moisturizer to use throughout the day. You need to keep the skin on your face looking its best (well, you don’t need to, but you probably want to!). Make sure you moisturize first thing in the morning BEFORE you apply your make-up, and last thing right before bed. Also keep the rest of your body moisturized throughout the day as needed. I wash my hands  A LOT throughout the day, and I find I need to put lotion on my hands 20+ times a day (basically every time I wash my hands, I reapply lotion).

If you have specific skin needs (eczema, skin conditions, etc.), please talk to your doctor or specialist before trying new products!

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