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Everyone wants the glam make-up look, but we can’t always afford it. As we all know, premium make-up can easily break the bank. However, you don’t have to buy top-of-the-line products to achieve the look you want! For most items, the drug-store brand is actually just as good!

I personally was buying “They’re Real!” Mascara by Benefit, and I’ll admit, every once in a while I still will when I feel like treating myself, just because. However, I recently bought “Sephora Collection: Outrageous Volume,” for $16, and I’ve barely noticed a difference in the quality of my make-up.

Another place to easily replace high-end make-up with a more cost effective option would be blush, especially powder blush. I use powdered blush, and as long as I can colour-match, I’m not worrying about brand. Finding the right colour is the hardest part about blush for me. L’Oreal has a relatively large pallet of colours to choose from, so I had no problem finding a decent match for me! Items like blush will require you to do a little more searching for your ideal colour, so look at a bunch of different brands and find the right cost-effective option for you!

Another easy replace is eye-liner. Because most people just opt for a black/brown/blue variant, it is easy to find an option that is well suited for you. Again, do your research for the kind of tip you want – pencil, felt, liquid. This will be where you find your ideal inexpensive brand!

Where I would recommend NOT skimping is on your foundation. This is where you should be spending your money. Your foundation has the highest likelihood of reacting with your skin, because of the fact that the vast majority of your face is covered in it. As much as you can, try NOT to cut corners here. Get high quality foundation! I personally use Urban Decay. It has wonderful coverage, so I can use a little, and one bottle goes a long way!


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