Hair colour trends

As it gets cooler outside, our fashion trends tend to change as well. The same goes for our hair! Usually as the days get shorter, the leaves aren’t the only thing changing colour! Here are the latest hair colour trends:


Going dark is a classic move for the fall and winter months. This year, we suggest going with a rich undertone, like Nataliechestnut or burgundy to really make your hair shine! The richer the colour, the better it will look! Remember to match your skin tone as best as possible – if you are very pale, going too dark can wash you out! (photo: Pinterest)


Rose gold

The hair trend-setter has done this herself! That’s right, Kylie Jenner has gone rose gold, and we can’t say we blame her…itkylie looks amazing! This is a fun way to add some colour to your look with subtle golden-blonde undertones. (photo: Elite Daily)





We think champagne should be at every occasion, and now it can be with this amazing hair colour! This soft, rich blonde will keep heads turning all night! With teeny tiny tan undertones, you can’t go wrong! (photo:Pinterest)


Bronde – the mix of brown and blonde. Can’t decide which way to go? Bronde is the answer – it’s the best of both brondeworlds! (photo: Sheerluxe)





When we say cinnamon hair, we think Emma Stone, because she is easily the best example of cinnamon hair out there! We cinnamoncannot get enough of this reddish-brown look, and it is perfect for the cool months ahead.(photo: Pinterest)

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