Flower Crowns

A major wedding trend we’ve seen in the last few years is the flower crown, and this trend is not going anywhere! In fact, this trend is just getting better and better.

The great thing about flower crowns is that they can be worn with your hair up or down. Wearing your hair up with a flower crown generally allows for more of a formal look. When wearing your hair up with a flower crown, you want a low chignon, or a low, loose up-do. This will allow your flower crown to be the focal point of your overall look. If you allow your hair to frame your face and the flower crown in just the right way, you will easily be the belle of the ball! hair up flower

Wearing your hair down with a flower crown gives more of an informal look, while still making you look like a goddess! Again, pulling the sides of your hair into a half-up/half-down look allows for the best way for you to allow your flower crown to speak for itself – let your accessories do the talking! It also helps with avoiding that “crown hair” you can get if you decide to remove the crown later. However, wearing your hair down without pulling any hair back looks fabulous as well – it really depends on the look you’re going for! Slightly more formal? Half-up. Completely relaxed? Hair down. Either way, you will look stunning!

Before you decide on the style of hair you want with your flower crown, make sure you have a really good idea of what your crown will look like. Large flowers? Small flower? A lot of flowers? A few? hair down flowerWhat colour? How spaced out are the flowers? These are things that can affect the way you do your hair, and your stylist may want to know exactly what their tools will be to give you your dream look!




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