Mother’s Make-Up

Calling all mothers-of-the-brides and mothers-of-the-grooms! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! We are here to give you a few ideas on make-up for your child’s big day! Let’s face it, you need to look just as fantastic as your child!

The biggest thing to remember is NEUTRALS GO A LONG WAY! You don’t want to overwhelm your look with a ton of colour or over-done black. You want a neutral eye colour, MAYBE with an underlay of whatever colour you’re wearing, depending on what it is (you probably don’t want bright red if you’re wearing red, you’ll give off a vampire vibe and no one wants that). If you are worried black eyeliner or black mascara is too much for your tone or too overwhelming, go with a softer brown shade as well. Keeping the tones soft in your look is exactly what you want to let your true beauty shine through.

Lipstick is where you can have some more fun. Throw on a pop of colour – reds, pinks, or corals are very in right now! They are easy to match up with most outfits, and will look fantastic on any skin tone, as long as you get the right shade!

The thing you’re not going to want to forget is this: there is a good chance you will be crying! So two things are important: waterproof mascara, and make-up setting spray. Waterproof mascara is obvious. It will keep your mascara from running down your face during all of those happy tears. No one needs a streaky face! The setting spray will make sure the rest of your make-up stays put. Considering most weddings are in the summer time, it’s going to be hot, AND you’ll be crying. Setting spray will make sure your make-up stays on your face as best as it can, despite the heat and tears.

Here’s the bottom line: you need to take the time to do some fantastic make-up for yourself! Don’t go overboard, have fun with lipstick, and remember to take into account the weather and your emotions while doing your make up! Congratulations!

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