Vacation Essentials

Summer is the time to go on a trip. Hit the beach, stay out late, and enjoy the summer sun! With that though, you need to remember to take care of your skin. Here’s a list of some of our vacation essentials to help ease your stress.

First of all, REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN! Sunscreen is so important for your skin (okay, duh). Remember to apply 2-3 times a day, depending on the amount of time you’re outside and whether or not you’re hitting the pool and/or the beach. The more you in and out, the more you need to reapply, even if your sunscreen is waterproof. Better safe than sorry!

Second, you want to use a lighter foundation. No matter what you do, if you’re out in the sun and it’s hot, you’ll be sweating. With a thick foundation, your pores will be clogged, which is not great for your skin. Let it breathe! We suggest a light liquid foundation (with SPF!) or loose powder – depending on how much coverage you need. Less is more, remember! Especially in the summer – let that sun-kissed skin glow!

Third, MASCARA! Mascara is your best friend. It makes your eyes pop without looking too overwhelming. Like we said, your skin will likely be glowing all summer because of the sun, and that should be your focal point. Your mascara will just compliment your easy-going look.

Last, lipstick. We recommend you bring two different kinds of lipstick – a neutral and a pop! A neutral is perfect for day-to-day while on vacay. It’ll go with anything and it’ll always look good. Throw in a pop for a nicer night out, or when you’re out to party, or just want to change it up!


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