Beauty Blender vs. Foundation Brush

Makeup tools are becoming a forever evolving entity within the Cosmetic Industry. With Companies constantly developing new innovative products, it can easily become overwhelming.

Two of the most well-known foundation application/blending techniques are completed by using either foundation brushes or the beauty blender sponges.

Comparatively these two items have their share of pro’s and cons’s

Both are relatively easy to clean, able to apply and blend cream, liquid and powder foundations. However the time efficiency and convenience is where they can differ.

Application with a beauty blender sponge gives the skin a more natural texture finish (skin like). It allows product to be distributed and blended with every pat to the skin. Not only speeding up the process of makeup application but avoiding virtually any product build up on the skin. The only trouble with the beauty blender is having to have a water source available to soak the sponge in. This makes it tricky to travel with and requires a little planning ahead.

Beauty Blender Image from Sephora

Application with foundation brushes render different results from style to style. Typically brushes give a heavier deposit of product to the skin with a fuller coverage finish (with natural haired brushes the product can sometimes become absorbed into the bristles rendering less product to the face. Essentially wasting product) Using brushes is also a little time consuming. Depending on the makeup product you are using it takes some extra time to ensure that all of the makeup is blended/ buffed into the skin. (Leaving no trace of brush strokes or marks.) Brushes are however convenient to travel with, and most companies produce travel sized versions off the full sized brushes.

Signma Foundation BrushStill undecided? Or on a budget? Both of these products have varying price ranges differing from company to company. For example and E.L.F. kabuki foundation brush costs around $6 whilst a Kevin Aucion foundation brush costs $98. The original Beauty Blender sponge costs $26 with competing sponge from Real Techniques only costing $12.

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