Wedding Day Makeup

As wedding season sneaks up, we thought it’d be important to touch on the importance of makeup on your wedding day. Possibly the most important day of a girl’s life. She’ll want everything to be absolutely flawless, seamless and unforgettable. A brides wedding day makeup is no different. Here are some important tips every bride needs to know, for allowing her makeup to be utterly perfect.

Face. There are three finishes to choose from, when doing our makeup. Natural. Radiant. Matte.

Stay Matte. 

You will no doubt be rushing around, busy and potentially (yes girls do it) sweating. You need your wedding day makeup to be unmovable. Stick with matte foundations, blushes and finishing products for a flawless finish to your skin. A face with more of a natural finish, in comparison to a radiant one, will photograph extremely well. A nice airbrushed look. This tip may not be for everyone. If you have drier skin, use a radiant primer and a matte foundation. Artist top picks* Primer – Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (for dry skin, use the primer in ‘Radiant’). Foundation – Makeup Forever Matte Velvet and Nars Sheer Matte.

Eyes. Be you.

We should probably do a whole blog on this subject, but we’ll touch lightly on each area. Again, matte shadows are always flattering, no matter the age of the bride or client. However, using a pop of pigment on the lid can be extremely pretty and striking in photos. Shannon likes to use MAC Cosmetics pigment shadows and mix it with MAC Fix Plus for a super pigmented look. This can be extremely pretty in photos and in person. You want your shadow to be dark enough to show in photos, but not so dark you look like you have black eyes. There is a fine line, it can be crossed quickly! Be careful. Hire an artist, that solves a lot of problems! Keep your liner, liquid is preferred, sharp and crisp. As perfect as humanly possible. Photos pick up everything. We know wearing false lashes isn’t always the most comfortable thing in the world, but they truly make such a difference. Our suggestion is to wear them before the wedding day, just so you’re more comfortable with the lashes on your big day. Brows. Groom those babies! At least two days before the wedding. Having un-groomed eyebrows is like hanging a picture without a frame…you just don’t.


Lipstick wears off in a heartbeat. We all know this. Darker colours can be really high maintenance. If you are leaning towards having a darker shade of lip on your wedding, which we do suggest for some clients, use a lip stain in comparison to a regular lipstick. Keep it with you or have your bridesmaids tote it along. We offer Bridal Touch up Kits, which eliminates the hassle of choosing the right colour and products.

Your wedding day makeup should be exactly how you pictured. Whether it’s more natural or a dramatic bridal look, it should be stunning, perfect and timeless. Classic. Your face is the first thing someone looks at, make it memorable. And congratulations from all the girls at Blush!


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