Purchasing New Makeup

‘I have so much makeup and makeup brushes, and don’t know what to do with any of it.’ – 95% of the female population.

As makeup artists, we know what questions to ask when walking into a makeup store…but do you? Here are some tried and tested questions to ask and things to do, to get the most out of your makeup shopping spree. And most importantly, what you bring home.

First things first. Come with a list. I know that if I walk into Sephora with no rhyme or reason to my visit, I have now spent $500 on lord knows what. The good thing is, I will probably use it, you my friends, may not. I want you to avoid that buyers remorse! Your list can entail specific products you’re interested in, or just generic ‘new concealer’ type things. Do your research! Read reviews, ASK US! We are always here to help you. Truly. We love your questions.

Second, and probably the most important part of this blog. When asking for a suggestion on a product, let’s say a concealer, and they immediately jump to the latest brand they carry, ask why they like it. What do they like about it? Know what you want out of your product. Coverage, consistency, staying power…wearability. Ask how long the product will last you. How much should you be applying each time. What do you use to apply this product? The last thing you want to do, is buy the latest five step concealer, that you need to use six different brushes to apply it. Not only is that ridiculous, but you’ll never use it. You want quick, easy and beautiful.

Next. TRY IT ON! Be prepared to go into the store, with the chance you’ll be trying on the new makeup you’ll be purchasing. Make sure to watch if they sanitize it or not, because that’s just yuck if they don’t. Ew.

‘Seeing is believing, but trying is buying.’ 

I know it’s not every woman’s absolute dream to sit in a jam packed makeup store, trying on new foundation. Get a sample. Everyone has samples. And if they don’t, they can make one for you. If anything, at least try the product on the back of your hand.

Lastly, we don’t expect you to be professional makeup artists once you’ve left the store after following these suggestions. Come visit us in studio and we’ll teach you how to use all of the makeup you have or maybe have just purchases. Make the most out of your money and makeup! We love what we do. We want you to love how you feel and look.

Good luck next time you walk into the makeup dens around the city ladies! Happy shopping!


Blush Artistry Team




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