BB Cream from a Makeup Artist’s Perspective

All about the BB!

What is a BB Cream?!

A bb cream (beauty balm) is marketed as an all in one beauty product. Even out skin tone, moisturize, brighten, protect and (with some) contain anti aging ingredients. This product is originally designed to reduce not only time but the amount of products in one’s beauty regimen.

How do I use a BB cream?

Bb creams can be applied on their own just like a tinted moisturizer or underneath your favourite liquid/cream foundation.

Do BB creams really work?!

BB creams are not Photoshop in a tube. They work subtly making small enhancements and repairs to one’s overall complexion.

In regards to the reduction in time and amount of products in one’s beauty routine will depend on the initial state and desired look of one’s skin.

**Oily & Combination skins must be cautious of hyaluronic acids and glycerin found in most BB creams. These ingredients are responsible for the BB cream’s moisturizing property. A dramatic increase of oil production can occur throughout the day and resulting in non suitability.

 Artists pick’s:

Heather:BB Cream – Jane Ardell. $42 Sheer to medium coverage. Perfect for on the go. Great coverage for a bb cream, sometimes I use this underneath my foundation if I’m really wanting that porcelain look. When using it solo, I use it instead of moisturizer, it’ll last longer this way. The product itself lasts for months!! Easily 6 months to a year. I love it.”

Shannon: BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer – Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer$55 . It comes in illuminating and oil free options which is great for all skin types and it is a buildable but light coverage with SPF for sun protection. I just love the way it goes on the skin and how it feels.”

Karly:  BB Cream – Loreal magic skin beautifier $16.99.Comes in 4 different varieties for any skin type and need. Light weight and creates a perfect on the go canvas.” 

This blog was brought to you by Blush’s very own Karly Franklin. As makeup artists, we love to share our knowledge of products and the industry. Happy shopping!!

Karly Franklin

Blush Artistry Team




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