Makeup Artists and the Filter

This evening, as my boyfriend was perusing my Facebook page, probably just to entertain me, he asked if one of our pictures we’d posted had a filter. A feeling of disgust and insult quickly came over me. Here’s why.

In the morning, while getting ready for work, we brush our teeth, do our hair and makeup, and put on our Instagram filter. Oh wait, no, we don’t. Because we’re real people. You are real. And we love you just the way you are. Filtering photos is doing exactly what it says, it’s filtering out something. And in our circumstance, it’d be filtering out our talent. We don’t want to lose you behind a silly smartphone app! We want you to look and feel your absolute best without feeling you need such a thing. We pride ourselves in the confidence our clients have when they leave our studio. Taking selfies all the way home (at red lights only we hope) without editing their picture before posting it.

So when choosing makeup artists ladies and gents, for whatever the occasion, choose an artist whose mission it is, to make you feel and look beautiful, plain and simple. Throw a filter on the pictures of your dog in the dog park, because let’s face it, we’re all photographers at that point in our lives. Rustic and scenic. But please, our lovely, gorgeous clients, realize your beauty, show the world, you don’t need a filter.


Blush Artistry Team

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