One word, Eyebrows.

Without sitting down with you one on one, I will do my best to guide in the right brow direction. I am personally a learner by doing, and if that’s your case, call us. and until your next appointment, read on makeup lovers!

Shaping: If you are shaping your brows for the first time, find a good, referred, professional to shape them for you (I have one, just ask me for the info). I personally steer clear of waxing, and stick to tweezing and/or threading. We’ve all gone a little tweezer happy, once or twice. Let’s not make that mistake again. Each shape is different depending on the clients face and preference. If you are tweezing at home, take a white liner and draw on the outside of the brow. Creating the shape you want on the inside of the lines. Tweezing where you’ve drawn, only! That’s a start.

Colour: I like to choose an eyebrow shade that is right in the middle of the lightest colour of hairs on our head, to the darkest. This helps with keeping the look natural but still finished. If your hair is all one colour, without going too dark on your brows, choose something close to whatever colour that is (without going lighter). For platinum blondes, go a lighter brown, almost an ashy colour. This tends to be the most flattering.

Product: If using a brow pencil, choose one that isn’t too waxy. The waxier the pencil, the harder to manipulate. Eyebrow shadow tends to create the most natural look. Trending right now is a brow gel colour. If you are a beginner at colouring your brows, I wouldn’t suggest diving right into this product right away. Stick with shadow and pencil. Products I suggest, Sigma Beauty carries a Brow Essentials Kit that is right up everyone’s alley. It literally has everything you can possibly need. From shadow, to tweezers to a pencil for finishing and holding the colour in. And it’s affordable…bonus. 

Not having groomed brows is like hanging a picture without a frame. You just don’t. Be patient my friends. Good things don’t happen overnight…especially good eyebrows.


Blush Artistry Team

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