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Here it is, Blush’s first ever blog post. An Edmonton Makeup Artist Team, just trying to make it in the blog world. I never thought the day would come where, first, I would know how to do this, and second, I would actually have an audience to read my words. It’s surreal! I figured I’d start off my blogging world with why you should hire a makeup artist, for whatever your occasion. You need us, just like we need you. Plain and simple.

I know when my car breaks down, I call a mechanic, or in my case my father. When my roof leaks, I call a roof repairman. These are all professionals in their industry. Just like us. We are trained and certified. And I know some of us watch makeup tutorials until we fall asleep, ahem* Shannon.

I know makeup doesn’t seem as serious as a blown engine or a waterfall for a roof, but trust me, on your wedding day, the LAST thing you want to worry about, is your makeup and whether your only set of wedding photos will turn out perfect. Let us worry about that. We know what to do to for your makeup to last through Edmonton (Canadian I should say) weather, tears, hugs and smiles.

Next on the blog, eyebrows. Why why why have they all of a sudden become SO important??? WE’VE HAD THEM FOR YEARS! Stay tuned. I’ll cover what to do, with what and where.


Blush Artistry Team

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